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Grace and Truth Under Twelve Different Aspects. By W. P. MACKAY, M. A Forty-eighth thousand of American edition. The English edition has reached a sale of over two hundred thousand, besides being translated into German, Spanish, Swedish Arabic, Italian, Dutch, Gaelic and Welsh. 12mo, pp. 282, paper, 35c; cloth, fine. 75c. Mr. Moody says of this work: I know of no book in print better adapted to aid in the work of him who would be a winner of souls, or to place in the hands of the unconverted." My Inquiry Meeting; or Plain Truths for Anxious Souls. By ROBERT BOYD D. D. Being the experience of a pastor during many years of personal dealing with anxious and careless souls. Pp. 64, 15c. For simplicity, clearness, and force of statement we have met with nothing that equals this little volume. We can think of no better service a pastor could render to Sunday-school teachers, and other guides of souls, than to secure their reading of these pages. could inquirers have any better help in their search for truth.-The Interior. Glad Tidings. By ROBERT BOYD, D. D. A book for inquirers. 12mo, pp. 100, cloth, neat, 50c. Cheap edition, for circulation, 25c. This book has been used largely in connection with the great revival meetings both in Great Britain and this land.


The Soul and Its Difficulties. By H. W. SOLTAU. Paper, pp. 108, 8c.

How to Be Saved; or, the Sinner Directed to the Saviour. By J. H. BROOKE'S, D. D. Pp. 120, paper cover, 25C; cloth, 50c.

The Way to God and How to Find It. By D. L. MOODY. Fifty-fifth thousand. A book for the inquirer and Christian worker. Cloth, rich black and gold stamp, 60c; paper, tinted covers, 30c.

The way of salvation is made as clear as simple language and forcible, pertinent illustration can make it. In two features it is equal to anything that Mr. Moody has produced-in close adherence to the Word of God, and in profound earnestness-while in simplicity, directness of appeal and originality it is superior. It is a great matter to send such a work, so full of Christ, all over the churches, where it may, by the work of the Spirit, arrest the careless and move the ungodly.-Lutheran Observer.

God's Way of Salvation. By ALEXANDER MARSHAll. A brief statement of the Way of Life, with answers to popular objections. Each brief page complete in itself, and containing a sermon in a nutshell. 48 pages and covers, 5c. Per hundred, $2.50. Doubts Removed. By CESAR MALAN, D. D. Paper covers, 5c; per dozen, 50c.

"It contains the clearest statements and illustrations on the subject treated we have ever read."

Welcome to Jesus. By Rev. C. H. SPURGEON. A series of 4 page tracts, with first page in attractive, illuminated designs, etc. Four different series, each containing 32 assortments. Price, per package, 25c.




Prevailing Prayer: What Hinders It? By D. L. MoODY. uniform with To the Work! Heaven, etc., 60c; paper covers, 30c. An earnest and solemn work, full of helpful hints on the aids and hindrances to prevailing prayer.

"This great subject has been the theme of apostles and prophets, and of all good men in all ages of the world; and my desire in sending forth this little volume is to encourage God's children to seek by prayer to move the arm that moves the world.'"-Extract from Preface.

The. Christian's Secret of a Happy Life By HANNAH WHITALL SMITH; author of "A Happy Life." Revised edition, from entirely new plates. 12m0, 240 pp., cloth, black and gold stamp, $1.00; paper cover, 50c.

A book we unhesitatingly recommend. We have not for years read a book with more delight and profit.-Southwestern Christian Advocate.

We are delighted with the book. It reaches the very core of Christian experience.-Baptist Weekly.

Worthy of universal circulation.-Christian Union.

Life Warfare and Victory. By Maj. D. W. WHITTLE. Cloth, neat, 124 pp., 60c; paper, 30c.

This book has been prepared in the midst of evangelistic work, to meet the wish often expressed to the writer-that instruction given in Bible readings to young converts might be made available for their more careful study and permanent use.-Extract from Preface.

Christ and the Scriptures. By Rev. ADOLPH SAPHIR. Cloth, 16mo, neat, 75c.

To ail disciples of Jesus this work commends itself at once by its grasp of truth, its insight, the life in it, and its spiritual force.Christian Wok.

"In these days of doubt and hypercriticism such a volume, breathing a spirit of earnest devotion, lifting the mind to a better conception of the immeasureable worth of the Person and the Word, and written, too, by a son of Israel, cannot but be welcome and helpful." The Holy Life. A book for Christians seeking the "Rest of Faith." By Rev. EVAN H. HOPKINS. Fifth thousand, 18mo, 115 pages, cloth, beveled edge, 60c.

Walking Worthy of God. A reprint from the works of Rev. JOHN FLAVELL, with an introduction by (and published at the request of) Maj. D. W. Whittle. A valuable book for circulation-an incentive to Christian living.

Sq. 16mo, pp. 43, 15c.

Gems from Northfield. A Record of the Best Thoughts exchanged at the Conference for Bible Study, convened at Northfield, by D. L. MOODY.

12m0, pp. 116. Price $1.00.

The thoughts and expositions of Scripture which are presented in this volume are of rare practical value.-Herald and Presbyter.



My Morning Word. A book of texts for every day in the year.

Cloth, plain, 75c; Cloth, gilt edges, $1.00; Calf, flexible, gilt, $1.75. The several texts for every day each contain the "Morning Word,” this single word being the key-word by means of which the texts are called to mind.

Birth-Day Memorial Text-Book.

A handsome little volume with a short text for every day in the year, with blank space opposite for autographs. Especially attractive for children.

32mo, cloth, black and gold stamp, 25c; per dozen, $2 50.

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The Practice of the Presence of God. By "Brother LAWRENCE.' Being a small collection of remarkable letters and "conversations" of a monk.

Pp. 64, 24mo, paper cover, 10c; per dozen, 75c.

Grace Sufficient. By Rev. HENRY ROISSY. An extremely helpful work for the closet, with counsel and comfort for the Way of Life. Pp. 265, cloth, $1.25.

Clifton Springs Bible Readings. Containing the Bible Readings and Addresses given at the Conference of Believers at Clifton Springs, N. Y., by Messrs. Brookes, Erdman, Whittle, Needham, Parsons, Clark, Marvin and others.

Sq. 16mo, 144 pp., cloth, fine, 50c; paper covers, 25c.

The Scarlet Line. A most suggestive tract upon Joshua II and VI, showing the close connection between the type of the Old Testament and the Antitype of the New.

36 pages and cover, 5c; per hundred, $3.00.

Envelope Series of Tracts. By H. W. S., from "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life," comprising the following:

How to Enter into the Life.

Difficulties Concerning Consecration.

Difficulties Concerning Guidance.

Difficulties Concerning Faith.
Faith: What it is.
Is God in Everything?

The Joy of Obedience.
Practical Results.

Sold only in packets of one dozen copies. May be had either assorted or all of the same kind. Price, per packet, 20c.

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'They will form an excellent collection of tracts for distribution by those who wish their friends to share the 'Life that is hid with Christ.' 999

Words of Worth, from the Chicago Christian Convention. A verbatim report of the addresses before the Convention of October, 1882.

12mo, pp. 134, paper, 25c.

The addresses by such men as Rev. Marcus Rainsford, Rev. Chas. Spurgeon, Dr. W. P. Mackay, Rev. A. T. Pierson, D. D., and others, will be welcomed by many.


Recollections of Henry Moorehouse, Evangelist. By GEORGE C. NEEDHAM. Pp. 240, 15mo, cloth, beveled, $1.00.

Mr. Moorehouse, the young English evangelist, was well-known throughout this country, and the volume is the most interesting biographical sketch of this remarkable man-a real inspiration. Plain Talks About the Theater. By Rev. HERRICK JOHNSON, D. D. Fifth Thousand. Pp. 84, cloth, 50c.; paper, 20c.

Probably the modern theatre never received such a raking fire. -Zion's Herald.

As crushing as a charge of cavalry, and as convincing as logic can make truth. A terrific indictment of the theater.-The Advance.

May Christians Dance? By Rev. J. H. BROOKES, D. D.

Pp. 144, 16mo, cloth, 50c.; paper covers, 25.

An able and wholesome consideration of the question from a Christian point of view.-Zion's Herald.

Fred's Dark Days. By ROSE HARTWICK THORPE. A story of heroism in boyhood, written in an attractive style by the author of "Curfew Must Not Ring To-night," and "The Yule Log." An excellent book for the young.

Pp. 139, cloth, 75c.

Fifty Years and Beyond; or, Old Age and How to Enjoy It. Compiled by Rev. S. G. LATHROP. Fifteenth Thousaud.

One large 12mo volume of over 400 pages, $1.00; presentation edition, gilt edges, $1.50.

The object of this volume is to give to that great army who are fast hastening toward the "great beyond" some practical hints and helps as to the best way to make the most of the remainder of the life that now is, and to give comfort and help as to the life that is

to come.

Songs for the Service of Prayer. Compiled by R. S. THAIN, assisted by A. E. KITTREDGE, D. D., E. P. GOODWIN, D. D., and W. M. LAWRENCE, D. D. A book specially adapted for use in the social meetings of the church.

Cloth, pp. 240, 60c. Special terms to churches for introduction. Revell's Record for Church Treasurers. The most convenient record yet published. Weekly envelope system. Simple, practical and systematic.

Bound in half leather, quarto, $1.50.

The Man-Traps of the City. By Rev. THOS. E. GREEN.

A book of timely warnings, where sin and crime are shorn of their mask. The life of the profligate is not presented in attractive colors, but in such a way as to stand forth in its true light-a thing to be abhorred.

140 pages, cloth, rich gold stamp, 75c. Same in illuminated paper covers, 35.

Woman's Ministry, and other Expository addresses. By Mrs. GEORGE C. NEEDHAM.

137 pp., 16mo, cloth, 75c.

The first expository address gives character to this book. It is literally an exposition bearing on the question of woman's relation to preaching and teaching.


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