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a making void the Sufferings of the Faithful (and Strengthening the Hands of Evil Doers) who for the fake of their Teftimony, loved not their Lives to the Death; but underwent cruel Mockings, Buffetings, Stonings, Whippings, Stockings, Revilings, Imprisonments, and Spoiling of Goods; Rejoycing in the Lord, that they were counted worthy to Suffer, either leẞ or more, for his Name fake. In respect of which, this my dear Friend was a good Example, he being a Man of a fteady Mind, and very patient in Suffering, as well as Faithful in his Teftimony for Truth, and took joyfully the Spoiling of his Goods, wherein he was tryed but a few Tears before his Death. He was often Concerned in Defence of Truth's Testimony, both against our Professed Adverfaries, and alfo against the Libertine Spirit which appeared in Jome, Profeffing the fame Truth with us, who Oppofed themselves against that good Order and Difcipline which the Truth led Friends into. All which will abundantly appear from the Books themselves, which are in Print, which he writ upon Various Occafions, and upon Divers Subjects; and let not his great Labour and Industry be Forgotten, in his writing thofe Two Hiftorical Volumes, relating to the Old and New Teftament: A Work truly Great, and is, and may be of great Ule and Service. By all which his many Labours, it may be perceived by the wary and inlightned Reader, that the Lord had Endowed him with an excellent Gift, and Qualified him for the Service of Truth, his Church and People; in which he imployed the Ta



lent which the bountiful Lord had given him. the Honour of the great Giver, and to the Comfort and Edification of the Church of Chrift: But more especially were his Services known to the Brethren in this County of Bucks; Most of which are fallen afleep, and but few remaining here, who knew him in his beginning, or his first Services for the Lord, his Church and People; amongst whom he was a Zealous Afferter of that excellent Difcipline the Lord had opened in, and led his People to, for the preferving his Church as a Garden enclofed: for which caufe how did many of thofe Libertines fet themselves fiercely against him, and fhot their Arrows at him, but the Lord Defended him, and covered his Head in the Day of Battle, and his Bow abode in Strength, and his Bough fpread over the Wall, and continued fresh and green: But a Blaft from the Lord came upon their Evil Work; And how have they melted away? And how is their Strength failed, and their Work brought to Naught? But the Bleffing of the Lord is with his People, even with the Faithful, to this Day, whom he hath preferved as a peculiar Treafure to himself: Bleffed be his Holy Name for evermore. And furthermore, it may be truly faid of this our dear Friend, that as the Lord fitted him for his Service, fo was he eminently ferviceable in his Hand, in the Church of Chrift; particularly in thefe Parts, of which there are many Living Witnesses, in this and the adjacent Counties, of his great Labour of Love, having ferved the Church Freely, with great Diligence and Faithfulneß: The true fenfe of which, toucheth


toucheth me and others, with the deeper sense of the great Loß, the Church hath by his Removal; but being alfo fenfible through the Lord's Goodneß, that our Lofs is his Eternal Gain, I feel in Heart an humble Submiffion to the Will of him, who doth whatfoever pleafeth him, both in Heaven and in Earth; and who shall fay unto him, What doest thou? And it is the tender breathing of my Spirit to the God and Father of our Lord Jefus Chrift, that he would be graciously pleased, in Pity and Compaffion to his poor People, to raise up, fit and furnish more faithful Servants for his Work and Service, and make them Zealous for his Name and Truth upon the Earth, that the place of this my Dear Friend, and other Faithful Servants of the Lord and his People, of late removed from amongst us in thefe Parts, may be fupplied, and that the Spouse of Chrift may, amidst all her Tribulations Afflictions and fore Exercifes, be made to Praife the Lord, and Bleß his Holy Name, who taketh away one, and raifeth up another, and Bleffeth his Children with his Goodness; according to his Promife made of Old, by the Holy Prophet, Ifa. 44. ver. 3. faying, I will pour my Spirit upon thy Seed, and my Bleffing upon thine Off-fpring. And thus hath the Lord preferved Zion from Age to Age: And I doubt not, but am fully perfwaded, that he will still Bleß his People, and Preferve Zion, and Deliver her from all her Enemies.

And my Dear Friends, Brethren, and Sisters, although it be matter of Sorrow to us, to part with our Dear Friends; especially fuch as have been


made Serviceable in their Day, and have faithfully ferved the Lord and his People in their Generation, as it may (I hope without just occasion of Offence to any) be faid of dear T. É. that he was a Man who ferved the Lord in Faithfulness, and his People with Chearfulnefs, and his Neighbours with Uprightness and Integrity: And therefore both they and we have the greater Lofs; Tet may we not forrow unfeafonably, as thofe which forrow without. Hope, but, believing that the Lord hath taken him to himself in Mercy (though it may be in Judgment, to fome who were unworthy) let us all learn Refignation to his bleffed Will, and Jay with Holy Job, The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away: Bleffed be the Name of the Lord. And dear Friends, I may farther fignifie unto you, that it being my Lot to be with this our dear Friend (of whom I am speaking) almost every day of his laft Ilness, I did obferve in him, to my great Comfort and Satisfaction, a quiet compofed Frame of Mind and Spirit, and Refignation to the Will of God. When I came firft to him, which was foon after I heard of his being taken ill, which was the 24th day of the 2d Month, I found him very much dif abled by the Distemper, which was thought to be a Pallie, that had Jeized him, especially on his right Side, fo that he could not stand alone, nor help himfelf, but a little with his left Hand; and his Speech was also very much interrupted, infomuch that it was with great difficulty, for the most part, that he expreffed himself so as to be Underflood: Some time after I came to him, there being alfo other


Friends with him, we fate down together under a weighty Exercife of Spirit, waiting upon the Lord in deep Silence, with our Eye to him, it pleased the Lord eminently to appear amongst us, and to fill our Hearts with the refreshing Streams of his Divine Love, and to open the Mouth of one of us in Prayer and Supplication; and the Lord was graciously Pleaf ed abundantly to replenish our Spirits, to our mutual Comfort, in a Living Senfe of Divine Goodness; and this our Dear Friend, expreffed himself in great Tenderneß and Brokenness of Spirit, on this wife, I am fenfibly Comforted and Refreshed in this Vifit. And that Afternoon, he, fixing his Eyes upon me, with great Earneftnefs of Spirit, expreffed, well as he could at that time, a great Concern that was upon his Mind for Truth, and the Friends of it, in divers Particulars; especially, in Relation to our own Monthly and Quarterly-Meetings, the Writings of both which, had been under his Care for more than Fourty Years: After which, he was much eased in his Spirit, and fo continued to the last, fo far as I perceived; often saying, when asked how he did, I am eafie, I am quiet. And he was often very tender in his Spirit, expreffing his Refignation to the Will of God, whether in Life or Death, faying, If the Lord hath no more Work for me to do, I am content and refigned to his Will; and my hearty Farewel to all my Brethren. And at another time, nearer his End, he faid to us prefent, in much Brokenness of Heart, I am full of Joy and Peace, my Spirit is filled with Joy; or to this Effect:


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