Catalogue of D. Appleton & Co.'s Publications: April, 1890

Porter and Coates, 1890 - 94 sider

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Side 45 - Our Place among Infinities: A Series of Essays contrasting our Little Abode in Space and Time with the Infinities Around us.
Side 33 - XVIII. The Nature of Light: With a General Account of Physical Optics.
Side 18 - THE PRINCIPLES OF MENTAL PHYSIOLOGY. With their Applications to the Training and Discipline of the Mind, and the Study of its Morbid Conditions.
Side 22 - A General History of Greece from the Earliest Period to the Death of Alexander the Great, with a sketch of the subsequent History to the present time. New Edition. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 7$. 6d, Tales of Ancient Greece.
Side 33 - II. Physics and Politics ; or, Thoughts on the Application of the Principles of "Natural Selection " and " Inheritance
Side 37 - RELIGION AND SCIENCE. A Series of Sunday Lectures on the Relation of Natural and Revealed Religion, or the Truths revealed in Nature and Scripture. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL.
Side 61 - The Senses and the Will. (Part I of "THE MIND OF THE CHILD.") By W. PREYER, Professor of Physiology in Jena. Translated by HW BROWN, Teacher in the State Normal School at Worcester, Mass.
Side 71 - A Pronouncing Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages: composed from the Spanish Dictionaries of the Spanish Academy, Terreros, and Salva, upon the Basis of Seoane's edition of Neuman and Baretti, and from the English Dictionaries of Webster, Worcester, and Walker ; with the addition of more than 8,000 Words, Idioms, and Familiar Phrases, the Irregularities of all the Verbs, and a Grammatical Synopsis of both Languages.
Side 45 - OTHER- WORLDS THAN OURS ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.

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