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fuch as are are bigotted to their Party, as I expect not, so I defire not their favour.

From them all, I expect nothing but Anger, and Opprobrious and Difdainful Exclamations; and indeed,

Justum ab injuftis petere infipientia est.

Is a Truth which Plautus hath long fince de termin'd. And therefore if any of them fhall oppofe me with Scurrility, I will Answer them with Contempt. And good reafon too, for

Irrita Vaniloquæ quid curas fpicula Lingua? Latrantem Curatne ALTA DIANA Canem?


my Pains have but your Acceptance and Umbrage, and I value not the loudest Outcries, and bittereft Invectives of the most enraged of their Party. If any of them will undertake to give a fair Anfwer, he fhall receive (God willing) 4 fair reply. But if like the enraged Sea they cannot reft, but caft up Myre and Dirt, as the wicked are defcribed, If. 57. 20. I will then leave them to their own fcourgings: And when their raging fits are over, perhaps then (tho not till then) they fhall hear from me, in the mean time (Worthy Sir) take this small Tract under the shelter of your Wings; and be plea fed to afford it a juft defence, when at any time it fhall ftand in need thereof, from your Sagacity and Authority.

I know your Zeal for our Church, and the


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Doctrines thereof, is above the malice of your greatest Enemies justly to impeach.

Since there-fore the Queen's most Excellent


Majefty (whofe Reign over us, the God of mercy long prolong and profper) hath put into your hands an opportunity of fignalizing the fame. Go on Great Sir, Go on profperously therein and make good the glorious Character you have acquired, by a conftant eminent defence of both, against all opposers whomsoever, and by a like conftant encouraging, and to the very uttermost of your Power) Protecting and Defending of all and every, the very meanest of the meanest, of their true Friends and Votaties; and amongst these, of

Ever Honoared Sir,

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Your moft Humble and moft Obedient Servant



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