Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy: Decided by the Lord Chancellor Brougham, the Court of Review, and Subdivision Courts : with a Digest of the Cases Reported in this Volume, and of the Contemporary Cases Relating to Bankruptcy Decided in All the Other Courts, Bind 1–3

H. Butterworth, 1834
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Side 24 - ... provided the person so dealing with the bankrupt had not at the time of such payment to...
Side 612 - ... assumpsit, for money had and received by the defendant to the plaintiff's use...
Side 491 - Majesty, or any of his subjects, and shall and may be assets for the satisfaction thereof, in like manner as real estates are, by the law of England, liable to the satisfaction of debts due by bond or other specialty...
Side 409 - Ireland, whereof the bankrupt is seised of any estate tail in possession, reversion or remainder, and whereof no reversion or remainder is in the Crown, the gift or provision of the Crown...
Side 169 - Co., after enumerating all the charges on the cargo and ship, therein charged to the plaintiff a commission of two and a half per cent. 'on the amount of the goods and charges.
Side 551 - Commissioners are required to ascertain the value thereof, and to admit such person to prove the amount so ascertained...
Side 559 - Commissioners are hereby required to ascertain the Value thereof, and to admit such Person to prove the Amount so ascertained, and to receive Dividends thereon ; or if such Value shall not be so ascertained before the Contingency shall have happened, then such Person may, after such Contingency shall have happened, prove in respect of such Debt, and receive Dividend with the other Creditors, not disturbing any former Dividends : Provided such Person had not, when such Debt was contracted, Notice...
Side 10 - That was rightly determined ; for it was sufficient to put the purchaser upon inquiry, that he was informed the estate was not in the actual possession of the person with whom he contracted ; that he could not transfer the ownership and possession at the same time; that there were interests as to the extent and terms of which it was his duty to inquire.
Side 531 - That in all joint Commissions under which any Partner shall have obtained his Certificate, if a sufficient Dividend shall have been paid upon the joint Estate, and upon the separate Estate of such Partner, he shall be entitled to his Allowance, although his other Partner or Partners may not be entitled to any Allowance.
Side 498 - They also claimed to be entitled to the corn as being in the order and disposition of the bankrupt at the time of his bankruptcy.

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