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Grant this, O merciful Father, for the fake of my blessed

"tiation for our Sins."
Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.
See Pfalm vi. xxv. xxxii. xxxviii.

A Prayer before Self-Examination.




Lord, thou that art the Searcher of all our Hearts, and a Difcerner of the very Thoughts, and in whofe Sight all Things are naked and open, be pleafed to impart a Ray of thy heavenly Light to difcover all the Sins and Infirmities of my past Life, and whatsoever elfe thou knowest wherein I have done amifs, that henceforward no fecret Sin may lie undiscoveted and corrupted in my Soul; that by examining my Life and Converfation by thy Law, the Rule and Measure of my Duty, I may understand the 'true State and Condition of my Soul, and from a juft Sente and Sight of all my Tranfgreffions, through the Affiftance of thy Grace and heavenly Benediction, I may be enabled to reform my Life, and to turn my Feet unto thy Teftimonies; fo faithfully to fearch and examine my own Confci-ence, that I may come holy and clean to the heavenly Feaft, and be received as a Grant this for worthy Partaker of that holy Table which thou haft called me to. thy Mercy's fake in Chrift Jefus. Amen.

See Pfalm cxxxix.

Brief Heads of Self-Examination upon each Commandment.

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Hough I have not atheistically denied the Being of a God, or wickedly renounced him by Apoftacy, yet have I not loved, defired or delighted in other Things more than in God? Or, have I not feared men, and dreaded the.. Ditpleasure of the World, more than of God? Or, have I not trufted in men, and relied upon the World, more than upɔn Gɔd ? have. I not despaired of God's mercy? Or, by prefuming to much upon it, encouraged myfelt in fin? Have I not been unthankful for Mercies received? Or, have Inot afçribed the Glory and Honour of what I now enjoy to myself, more than to God? (Say) God be merciful to me a Sinner, and lay not this (or thefe) Sins to my Charge [Repeat the fame at the End of every Commandment.]

II. Though I have not worshipped God by Images, yet have I not entertained, grofs and falle Conceptions of him? or, have I not wilfully omittted coming to Church, or to the public Prayers, when I had no juft occafion to hinder me? or have I not rudely, irreverently or wantonly behaved myself during the Time of divine Service? or, have I not wilfully refuted to come to the Lord's Supper, when [ have been called to it? or, have I not rafhly and unadvitedly received the Sacrament without due Preparation? or, have I not broken my Vows and Refolutions which I then made.

III. If I have not openly blafphemed the Name of God, yet have I not lightly or irreverently spoken of him? or, have I not profanely jefted upon, or abused his

holy Places or Perfons, or any Thing elic dedicated to his Service? or, have I not taken God's Name in vain, by common Swearing and Curfing? or, have I not taken falfe and unlawful Oaths? or, have I nct broken my own Vows and Refoutions, especially my Baptifmal?

IV. Have I not neglected the worship of God on his Sabbaths? have I not fpent part thereof in vain Sports, idle Difcourfes, Vifits, and many other unneceffary affairs? or, have I not fuffered others to profane the Sabbath, when it was in my Power to reftrain them from so doing?

V. Have I not been ftubborn, irreverent and undutiful towards my Parents, rejecting their Counfels, de fpifing their Government, and coveting their Eftate be fore their Death? or, have contributed toward their Neceffities when they were in Want, and I had in my Power to help them? or, have I not been difloyal to my Prince, stubborn and unfaithful to my Mafter, refractory and unthankful to my Minister, peevish and unkind to my Friend and Companion.

VI. If I have not actually taken away the Life of any Perfon, yet have I not made my Neighbour's Life grievous by Oppreffion, Rage, and Violence against him? Or, have I not by Fighting or Quarrelling wounded his Perfcn? Or, have: I not tempted him, by any other Vice or Intemperance, to deftroy his Health, and fo. fhorten his Days? Or, have I not by falfe or contumelious Speeches wounded his good Name and Reputation? Or, have I not, by my own Luxury and Intemperance in Eating and Drinking, been acceffary to my own Death?

VII. If I have efcaped the groffer Acts of Adultery and Fornication, yet have I not conceived Luft in my Heart, and neglected the Means to preferve my own and others Chastity? Or, have I not by Gluttony and Drunkenness, or by any impure Thoughts or Words, defiled my Soul? Or, have I not accustomed myfelf to filthy Talking, Jefting, and immodest Garbs, and unchafte Behaviour in common Converfation?

VIII. If I have not been guilty of common and public stealing, yet have I been true and just in all my Dealings? or, have I not contracted Debts, when I was confcious to myself that I was not able to pay, or make Reftitution? or, have I not wafted my own or others Estates by riotous living? or, have I not by Violence and Oppreffion exacted of my Inferiors, or by unlawful Ufury taken advantage of their Neceffities.

IX. If I have not before the Magiftrate fworn falfly against any Man, yet have I net accustomed myfelf to Lying and Slandering? or have I not accused my Neighbour unjustly? or, have I not concealed the Truth of another, when Juftice and Charity obliged me to give Evidence of it? or, have I not unjustly fought to uphold my own Credit, or to blaft any other Perfon's?

X. Have I not fecretly complained against the Providence of God, as if others had too much, and I too little? or, have I not by unlawful means endeavoured to deprive others of their Goods and Property? or, have I laboured truly and faithfully

to get my own Living and been content with that State of Life unto which it hath pleafed God to call me ?

Apenitential Confeffion of Sins; with an bumble Supplication for Mercy and Fergiveness. Lmighty and eve-lafting God, who hateft nothing that thou haft made, and doft forgive the Sins of all them that are penitent, create and make Here call in me a new and contrite Heart,that I worthily lamenting my Sins and to mind all acknowledging my Wretchednefs, may obtain of thee, the God of all grievous fine Mercy, perfect Remiffion and Forgiveness through Jefus Chrift our Lord. Amen. See Pfal. li. vi. xxxii. xxxviii.

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An Act of Con'rition.

F4th Ather, I have finned against Heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy Son. Wo is me, O Lord, who was conceived and born in fin. the Thoughts of my Heart were inclined unto Evil from my Youth. Wo is me that I have finned against thee my Creator and kind Benefactor. Lord, I have done Evil continually in thy Sight, and my Life hath been little elfe than one continual Course of Impiety, Unthankfulness, and of unworthy Returns for all thy Goodnets and Loving-kindness to me. Wo is me that I fhould thus requite the Lord. O Head were Water, and mine Eyes a Fountain of Tears, that I might weep Day and Night for my Sin! O gracious Lord, look on me as thou didst on the Apoftle St. Peter, and let thy compaffionate look fo pierce my ftony Heart, that I may weep bitterly for my sins, and may have that godly Sarrow which worketh Repentance unto Salvation not to be repented of, for Jefus's fake: Amen.`



See Pfal. xxv. xxxii. xxxviii.

A Refolution to lead a new Life.



ND now, O Lord, I do not only with Shame and Confufion of Face confefs and bewail the Sinfulness and Vanity of my own life, but I do ftediaftly refolve and purpofe (through the Affiftance of thy Grace and holy Spirit directing me) to renounce the Devil and all his Works, the Pomps and Vanities of this "wicked World, and all the finful lufts of the Flesh." Be pleased, O Lord, to strengthen and confirm all these good Refolutions in me. And I heartily thank thee, O heavenly Father, for calling me to this State of Salvation through Jefus Chrift my Saviour, who died for my Sins, and rofe again for my Julification; and I humbly befeech thee for his Sake, to give me grace to continue in the fame unto my

life's End. Amen.

..See Pfal. i. xxiii. xxiv. xxv. cxix. cxxvi.

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A Prayer for faith in God's mercy thro' Chrift.


Lmighty God, our heavenly Father, who, for the greater confirmation of our faith and confidence in thy mercy, haft in thy holy Gofpel declared, that whosoever believeth in thy Son Jefus Chrift, fhall not perish, but have everlajiing life; and that this is life eternal, to know thee the only true God, and je




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Jus Chrift whom thou haft fent: Increase this knowledge, and confirm this faith in me evermore. O let me not reft in a dead faith, but that I may have fuch a lively faith as will fhew itfelf by love and good works; fuch a victorious faith, which may enable me to overcome the world, and conform me to the image of thy Son Jefus Chrift, in whom I believe. O grant me fuch a due fenfe of thy infinite mercy, fhewed to mankind in fo much mitery, as may never depart out of my


I ledfaftly believe, O bleffed Jefus, that thou didft fuffer upon the cross to fave me and all the world from the guilt and punishment of our fins. O give me that grace, that I may die to fin, and rife again unto righteousness! Accept my imperfe&t forrow, repentance, faith, and weak refolutions; and let thy precious merits, O my crucified Saviour, fupply all my wants and imperfections. Thou haft faid, Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are weary and heavy laden, and I will refresh you. O bleffed Jefus, I come unto thee in all humility, and deeply fenfible of my great unworthiness; O do thou bear this burden of fin for me, and refresh me with comfortable hopes of thy mercy and forgiveness, and the truth of thy falvation, O gracious Lord; to whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory for ever. Amen.

See Pfalm xix. lvii. Eph. ii. 6, 11.

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A Thankful Remembrance of the Death of Chrift.


Lmighty God, our heavenly Father, who of thy tender Mercy didft give thine A only Son Jefus Chrift to fuffer Death upon the Crols for our Redemption,


"and haft inftituted and ordained holy Myfteries as Pledges of his love, and for a "continual Remembrance of his Death and Paffion, to our great and endless Com"fort:" - Behold, I do moft affectionately, and with all the Powers of my Soul and Body, return my moft hearty Praise and Thanksgiving for thy great Mercy and tender Compaffion to me and all mankind in fending thy only Son into the World to redeem us from Sin and Misery, and by his meritorious Death and Paffion, to purchafe for us eternal life. Grant, O Lord, that I may always moft gratefully remember this exceeding love of my only Saviour Jefus Chrift, thus dying for me; and work in me all fuch holy and heavenly Affections, as may difpofe my heart to be a wor thy Guest at thy holy Table, prepared for the continual Remembrance of the Sacrifice of the Death of Chrift, and of thofe Benefits which we receive thereby. Praife the Lord, O my Soul, and forget not all bis Benefits; who forgiveth all thy Sins and bealeth all thine Infirmities; who faveth thy Life from Deftruction, and crowneth thee with Mercy and Loving-kindness.

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See Pfal. ciii. 2, 3, 4°


A Prayer for the grace of Charity.

who haft taught us that all our Doings without Charity are nothing worth; fend thy Holy Ghoft, and pour into my Heart that most excellent "Gift of Charity, the very Bond of Peace, and of all Virtues, without which

O Lord,

"whofoever liveth is counted dead before thee;" more efpecially when I am go. ing to commemorate the unspeakable Love of my bleffed Saviour in dying for me, let not my Heart be deftitute of Love towards my Brethren: Extend thy Mercy , and Forgiveness unto all mine Enemies, Perfecutors and Slanderers, and turn their Hearts; which I as fincerely beg for them, as I hope for Mercy and Forgiveness at thy hands. Poffefs me with Kindness and Good-will for all Mankind, that my Faith may work by Love, and difpote my Heart according to my Ability, to adminifter towards the Wants and Neceffities of those who are any Ways afflicted or diftreffed in Mind, Body, or Eftate; and to do unto all Men as I would they should do unto me; and give me that Charity which covereth a Multitude of Sins, that by doing Good for Evil, all Men may know that I am thy Dilciple Grant this for Jefus's fake. Amen.

See Pfalm xv. cxxxiii. xli. cxii. Matth. xxv. 34, 41. Matth. xviii. 21. I Cor. xiii.

A Prayer the Morning you intend to Communicate.


Moft gracious and eternal Lord God, who haft called all fuch as are weary and heavy laden to come unto thee by Faith and Repentance, and thou wilt refresh them: In Affiance of this thy gracious Invitation, I will come to thy heavenly Table, not trufting in my own Righteoufnefs, but in thy manifold and great Mercies; and although I am not worthy fo much as to gather up the Crumbs that fall from thy Table, yet fince it is thy Property always to have Mercy, I will not defpair of a kind Reception: Forgive my want of a due Preparation, and accept of my fincere Defire to perform an acceptable Service unto thee: Clothe me with the Wedding Garment, even the Graces of the Gofpel, and then I am fure I fhall be a welcome Guest at thy Table, when I fhall come thither in the Likeness of thy Son Jetus Chrift, in whom thou art well pleased. Poffefs my Soul with a lively Faith, profound Humility, filial Obedience, inflamed Affection, and univerfal Charity, that fo I may become a worthy Partaker of thele holy Mysteries, to my great and endless Comfort. Grant this, O heavenly Father, if it be thy blessed Will, through Jefus


Chrift. Amen.

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Our Father, &c.

•See Pfalm xxiii xxv. xxvi.

Short Prayers and Meditations before the Minifter at Church begins the Communion Service.

At going up to the Altar.


N the Multitude of thy tender Mercies, O Lord God, do I now approach thine Altar; O pardon my Sins, and look not upon my Unworthiness, (for I am a finful Creature, O Lord) but upon thofe Motives which drew me hither, even my own Miseries; and thy tender Mercies: therefore help me to supply in Humility what I want in Worthinefs, and let my bended Knees and contrite Heart fhew that i durit

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