Ancient and modern York; a guide

Pr. and sold by John Lewis Linney, 1841 - 164 sider

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Side 25 - And among these nations shalt thou find no ease, neither shall the sole of thy foot have rest : but the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart, and failing of eyes, and sorrow of mind ; and thy life shall hang in doubt before thee ; and thou shalt fear day and night, and shalt have none assurance of thy life.
Side 96 - When the broken arches are black in night, And each shafted oriel glimmers white; When the cold light's uncertain shower Streams on the ruined central tower; When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory ; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die...
Side 55 - The moon on the east oriel shone, Through slender shafts of shapely stone, By foliaged tracery combined ; Thou would'st have thought some fairy's hand, 'Twixt poplars straight, the osier wand, In many a freakish knot, had twined ; Then framed a spell, when the work was done, And changed the willow wreaths to stone.
Side 127 - And wisdom at one entrance quite shut out. So much the rather thou, celestial Light, Shine inward, and the mind through all her powers Irradiate ; there plant eyes, all mist from thence Purge and disperse, that I may see and tell Of things invisible to mortal sight.
Side 99 - Henry I, Stephen, Henry II, Richard I, John, Henry III, Ed-ward I, Edward II, Edward III, Richard II, Henry IV...
Side 26 - Knights, with a long retinue of their squires, In gaudy liveries march, and quaint attires. One laced the helm, another held the lance; A third the shining buckler did advance. The courser pawed the ground with restless feet, And snorting foamed, and champed the golden bit.
Side 96 - Bretagne, who commisserating our condition, gave us a church near the city of York, dedicated to St. Olave, with four acres of land adjoining to build offices on ; and having obtained license from the king, he kindly invited us to come thither and make it the seat of our abbey.
Side 31 - London in all diligence ye can possible, after the sight hereof, with as many men as ye can make defensibly arrayed, — there to aid and assist us against the queen, her bloody adherents, and affinity...
Side 58 - He shewed me a pure River of Water of Life, clear as Chrystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb, etc.
Side 3 - Solitary ruins, sacred tombs, ye mouldering and silent walls, all hail ! To you I address my Invocation. While the vulgar shrink from your aspect with secret terror, my heart finds in the contemplation a thousand delicious sentiments, a thousand admirable recollections. Pregnant, I may truly call you. with useful lessons, with pathetic and irresistible advice to the man who knows how to consult you.

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