Education in France, Oplag 1–6

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1881 - 144 sider

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Side 137 - The President of the Republic is elected by a majority of votes by the senate and chamber of deputies united in National Assembly. He is nominated for seven years, and is eligible for re-election.
Side 232 - Yuan, ministers, and chairmen are appointed by the president of the Republic on the recommendation of the president of the Executive Yuan.
Side 138 - Ministers shall be appointed by the President of the Republic on the nomination of the Prime Minister.
Side 174 - If you ask why we establish this school now, at a time when every one is anxiously watching the fearful conflict raging in the very heart of our country, — at a time when all other duties seem to be absorbed in the one of national defence, we answer that this question of reform in the field of education had been matured long ago ; that we have studied it many years ; and that not a day is to be lost.
Side 221 - Let there, therefore, be chosen for this work men who are both able and willing to learn, and also desirous of instructing others ; and let them apply themselves to the work with a zeal equalling the earnestness with which we recommend it to them.
Side 174 - If, at this examination, it becomes evident that a child, who was supposed to receive private instruction, has in reality not received instruction in the obligatory branches, legal proceedings are instituted against the father or guardian.
Side 137 - There are 532 members in the Chamber of Deputies. The Senate is composed of 300 members, of whom 75 hold their seats for life, the vacancies being filled by the choice of the Senate. The remaining 225 seats are divided by lot into three classes of 75 each, one class going out at successive periods of three years. The election of these 225 senators is by an indirect process. In the first instance, the communes and municipalities of France...
Side 175 - As soon as absolute gratuity is established in a commune it must be applied to all her public schools without distinction. Under extraordinary circumstances the local authorities may, with the permission of the minister of public instruction, make a temporary exception to this rule.
Side 170 - Bureau de l'assistance publique, it appears that, during the year 1880, 1,672 children deserted by their guardians or having no home were brought up by the police, of whom 1,033 were charged with being beggars and vagabonds ; and of this number 80 were girls. It is significant that only 124 were given up to their parents and friends. Out of 219,000 children between 6 and 14 years of age living in Paris, there are about 7,000 who attend no school. The report concludes with the statement that each...
Side 164 - He said that saving must be taught, like any other virtue, by causing it to be practised. Children are the best agents of social reform. The future laborers must learn the great importance of small savings. While small savings are of great value to all the children, they are especially so to the children of the poor, who see more pennies than larger coins, and for whom the habit of saving will be the only means of success in later years.