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By an Error of the Prefs the fignature of Volume XLV. through the whole of the Volume, but is to be confidered as Vol. XLIV. as in the title page.




CCOUNTS, relative to Barracks fince the year 1791, 722 Of the extraordinary expences of the Army from 15 November to December 24, 1795, not provided for by Parliament, 723Of the unprovided fervices belonging to the Office of Ordnance, as on the 31ft December, 1795, 725-Eftimate of the Debt of His Majefty's navy, as on the 31st December 1795, 726-Of money due on various Accounts to the Army, April 21, 1796, 730

Of money advanced by the Bank for the public fervice and outstanding December 31, 1792, and December 31, 1795, 731Of the fame on the 10th October, 1795, and 5th January, 1796, 732-Of money given for 1796, how difpofed of, diftinguished under the feveral heads, until March 3, 1796, and the parts re maining unfatisfied, with the deficiency thereupon, 733-Of Ways and Means for antwering the fame, 748-A particular Account of the feveral fums included in the account of the, distribution

of money granted by an act of the laft feffion, for enabling His Majefty to raife 2,500,000l.&c.750Ofthe fums granted by Parliament fince October 29, 1795, and expended before April 5, 1796, with a statement of the fervices to which the fame were applied, 756-Of Navy, Victualling, and Transport Bills, registered fince December 31, 1795, 757-Of Exchequer Bills iffued on the Vote of Credit granted for 1796, with the expence attending the fame, and the amount iffued to discharge the Arrears due December 1, 1795, 758-Of the total net produce of Taxes for one year ending April 5, 1796, 759-Of the income of the Confolidated Fund for one quarter ending April 5, 1795, 761 --Of the charges upon the Confolidated Fund for the quarter ending April 5, 1795, 763-Of the income of the Confolidated Fund, in the quarter ending July 5, 1795, 769-Of the charges upon the fame, in the fame quarter, 771-Of the income of the Con. folidated Fund, in the quarter ending October 10, 1795, 777—

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Of the charges upon the fame, in
the fame quarter, 779-Of the
income of the Confolidated Fund
for the quarter ending January
5, 1796, 786-Of the charges
upon the fame, for the fame
quarter, 788-Of the income of
the Confolidated Fund for the
quarter ending April 5, 1796,
794-Of the charges upon the
fame, for the fame quarter, 796

Of the value of imports into
Great Britain in 1792, 3, 4, and
5, diftinguishing each year, &c.
802-Of the value of exports
from Great Britain, in the fame
period, 806-Of the value of
imports into, and exports from,
Great Britain, in the last ten
years, 810-Of the produce of
the Duties of Cuftoms, Excife,
Stamps, and Incidents, refpec-
tively, for one year, ending Octo-
ber 10, 1795, 810-Of all addi-
tions made to the annual charge
of the Public Debt, &c. 811-
Of the produce of the Duties im-
pofed for the purpofe of defray-
ing the increafed charge occafion-
ed by annuities granted in pur-
fuance of feveral acts, 813--Of the
produce of duties to be applied
in aid of the Confolidated Fund in
refpect of the charge thereon by
the annuity and management on
6,250,000l. payable out of the
faid Fund, 814-Of the money
paid to the different departments,
payable from the Civil Lift from
January 5, 1795, to September
12, 1795, 819-Of money re-
ceived on the Loan of 1795, of
money received for the Lottery
of 1795, of money iffued for the
Land and Malt Tax for 1795,
of what fums have been raised on
the Vote of Credit for 1795, of
monies referved for payment
the Civil List from January 4, to
September 12, 1795, 821-Of
Supplies granted by Parliament
for 1796, 835-Of Ways and
Means for railing the Supplies
granted for 1796, 837.

Addreffes to the King, Queen,
Prince and Princess of Wales
moved for, on the fafe delivery
of the Princess of a Daughter, 2
-Their answers to the fame, 6.
Anatomization; motion for leave to
bring in a bill to anatomife the
bodies of perfons executed for
burglaries and felonies,negatived,

Annuities, See Accounts.
Army Expences, See Accounts.


Barracks; converfation refpecting
the expence incurred in erecting
them, 4-Farther converfation
on the fame, 12-General Smith
moves for an account of the ex-
penditure in erecting Barracks,
371-Accounts relative to the
erection of Barracks, 722.
Bank, See Accounts.
Blake, Sir Francis, Petition of, ref-
pecting the national debt, &c.


Blood-hounds; General Macleod
ftates their having been employed
against the Maroons in the Weft
Indies, 115-Moves to addrefs
His Majefty for copies of the
correfpondence relative to the
carrying on the War against the
Maroons in Jamaica, 337-
Which motion he withdraws,

Budget, the, opened by Mr. Pitt,
441-Debate on the Report of
the Committee of Ways and
Means, 475.


Cawthorne, Colonel,-Motion that
the papers refpecting his Court
Martial fhould be printed, 270
-Motion for taking them into
confideration, 485-The pro-
ceedings of the Court Martial
read, 571-His defence, 571-
Motion made and carried that he
be expelled the Houfe, 592.
Civil Lift, See Accounts.


Confolidated Fund, See Accounts. Exports, See Accounts.
Corn; Mr. Lechmere moves for a
bill to be introduced to prevent
the exportation of Corn, and to
prevent it being fold at Market
by fmall famples, 213-Defcrip-
tion of a hand-mill ufed in India
for grinding Corn, 217-Mr.
Lechmere moves for an account
of Corn exported in 1776, 1777,
1794, and 1795, &c. 346-
Moves to refolve into a Com-
mittee on the high price of Corn,
Cornwallis's, (Admiral) letter, in
return to the thanks of the Houfe
of the 10th November, 1795, 1.
Crates; Committee on the bill for
their relief deferred, 534-Bill
read a fecond time, 598.
Cuftoms, See Accounts.

Game Laws-Mr. Curwen moves
for the repeal of the Game Laws,
and to fubftitute other provifions,
231-Mr. Curwen moves to go
into a Committee on the Game
Laws, 290-Bill read a first time,
and the fecond reading deferred,
332 Debate on the motion for
the fecond reading, 560.


Debts; Mr. Alderman Lufhington
moves to bring in a bill for the
better recovery of fmall debts
within the city of London, 18-
The bill withdrawn, 504.
Divifion, See List.

Dogs; Mr. Dent moves for a tax
on dogs, 364-Motion for a
fecond reading of the bill deferred
430-Motion that the Speaker do
leave the chair on the fame, ne-


Hats-Converfation refpecting the
bill for regulating the Duty on
them,485-The Houfe in a Com-
mittee on the fame, 529-Debate
on the Report of the Committee,

Harvey's, (Admiral) letter, in re-

turn to the thanks of the House
of the 2d November, 1795, 2.
Hunter's (Dr.) Museum--Sir G.
S. Evelyn moves for leave to
bring in a Petition to determine
whether the Houfe would pur-
chafe the Museum, 191--Which
Petition is referred to a Select
Committee, 194.


gatived, 506-Mr. Pitt's refolu- Imports, See Accounts.
tions refpecting the fame, 530-

Motion to go


into a Committee,


Eaft India Budget-Motion of Mr.
Secretary Dundas to defer the
confideration of it, 715.
Elections-Mr. Douglas moves to
bring in a bill to enforce the at-
tendance of Members on the day's
appointed to elect Committees
on controverted Elections, 59.
Eftimate, See Accounts.
Exchequer Bills, See Accounts.
Excife, Sec Accounts.
Expired and expiring Laws, See


King's (The) Speech on clofing
Parliament, 719.


Labourers, Mr. Whitbread moves
the fecond reading of the bill for
regulating their wages, 19.
Land-Motion to prevent its being
let into large farms, &c. 56-Sir
J. Sinclair moves to inquire into
the lofs likely to be fuftained by
the Cficers of the Houfe, if the
Bill for the general enciofure of
Waste Lands fhould país, 115.


Land Tax, See Accounts.
Landed Succeffion Tax Bill, read a
first time, 486-Motion to
commit it, 602-To confider the
Report, 643-For the third read-
ing of it, 705-The third read-
ing deferred, 708.

Laws Mr. Abbott moves for a
Committee to take into confide-
ration and Report an account of
all temporary Laws expired and
about to expire, 422-Names of
the Committee appointed, 425-
Copy of the Report of the Com-
mittec, 822.
Legacy Succeffion Tax-Bill-Mr.
Chancellor Pitt brings up the
amendments and moves to have
them read a fit ft time, 226-The
fame read a fecond time, 227-
Debate on Mr. Chancellor Pitt's
motion to confider the Report,
347-On the third reading of the
bill, 362--Mr. Sheridan moves to
poftpone carrying it into effect,
Lift of the Minority on Mr. Grey's
Motion to negociate for Peace, 54
-OftheMinority on Mr. Smith's

Lottery, See Accounts.


Majority, See Lift.

Malt Tax, See Accounts.
Manning, Captain, Petition of re-
fpecting his being in poffeffion of
a bill of exchange drawn on a
larger ftamp than the Law re-
quired, which Petition is ordered
to lie on the table, 483.
Minority, See List.


Nation, State of, Debate on M.
Grey's motion to go into a Com-
mittee on the State of the Nation,
252,- Debate on Mr. Fox's mo-
tion to addrefs His Majesty on the
fame, 656.

Navy Bills, See Accounts and

Navy Debt, See Accounts.
Negroes, See Slave Trade.



Motion, refpecting negociating of Ordnance Services, See Accounts.
the loan with the Emperor, 191
Of the Minority on Mr.Grey's
Motion to go into a Committee
on the State of the Nation, 287
-Of the divifion on the question
for abolishing the Slave Trade,

Loans Mr. M. Robinfon moves
that no Member of the House
fhall have a fhare in any con-
tract, loan, &c. 15-Debate on
Mr. W. Smith's motion refpec-
ting the negociation of the late
loan to the Emperor, 100-De-
bate on the refolution that free
and open competition is the
general principle of negociating
loans, 118-Debate on Mr.
Jekyll's motions relpecting the
fame loan, 194.-Farther obfer-
vations on the loan, 47, 475-
Convertation refpecting another
loan to the Emperor, 651.-Ac-
count of the money received on
the loan of 1795, 821.

Peace-Debate on Mr. Grey's mo-
tion to negociate for a Peace with
the Executive Directory of France


Pewter Pots, See Pots.
Police Bill--Debate on the motion
to bring in a bill to make it per-
petual, 89-The motion to con-
tinue it for five years, carried,

Poor, See Labourer.
Pots-Mr. Fox's motion for the
fecond reading of the bill to pre-
vent the ftealing of pewters pots
deferred, 429-The fame motion
again made and rejected, 480.
Public Money, Debate on the
motions of Mr. Grey relative
to the expenditure of it, 608.


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Sardinia, King of-motion for a
fubfidy to him of 200,00l. 593
-Converfation between Mr.
Chancellor Pitt and Mr. Jekyll
on the fame, 704.
Slave Trade-Debate on Mr. Wil-

berforce's motion to abolish the
Slave Trade at a limited time, 61
-Converfation on General
Smith's motion for the order of
the day on the abolition of the
Slave Trade, 229-Debate on the
fecond reading. 231-Debate on
the motion for going into a Com-
mittee on the Slave Trade,
248-Debate on the report of
the Committee on the aboli-
tion of the Slave Trade, 292
-Mr. Francis gives notice of his
intended motion to ameliorate the
condition of Negroes in the Weft
India iflands, 336 -Debate on
Mr. Francis's motion, 39-The
Houfe in a Committee on the
Slave carrying bill, 526.
Sombreuil, Count de; General
Tarleton moves for a copy of a
Letter from the Count de S. to
the Secretary at War, relative to
the Qberoa expedition, 426-
Mr. Sheridan reads copies of two
letters from Count de S. to the
Secretary at War, relative to that
expedition, from the newspaper
of the True Briton-Converfa-
tion refpecting the fame, 431-
Debate on Mr.Sheridan's motion
for Official copies of them, 434
Stamps, See Accounts.

State of the Nation, See Nation.

Supply-Motions of Mr. Pitt in a
Committee of Supply, 569-The
Houfe in a Committee of, and
de ate thereupon, 640.
Supplies, Account of, See Accounts.


Taxes, Produce of, See Accounts.
Tranfport Bills, See Accounts.


Veterinary College,--Petition from
praying for the aid of Parliament,
Victualling Bills, See Accounts.
Vote of Credit Bill-Motion to
defer confidering the Report on
it, 88-Debate on the third read-
ing of the bill, 96.


Wafie Lands-Motion of Sir John
Sinclair for their cultivation, 3
-Mr. Powys moves that the
Committ. e appointed to confider
of the cultivation of Waite Lands
have power to divide the faid bill
into two parts, 334.
Ways and Means, See Accounts
and Budget.

Weft Indies-Mr. Sheridan moves
for certain papers relative to the
expedition against the Weft Indies
425-Which motion is adjourn-
ed to a future day, 426-Moved
that the adjourned debate be now
refumed, 487.-Copy of the
· Proclamation of Admiral Parker
and General Forbes, dated S.
Domingo, December 10, 1795,
495-D. bate again refumed,
Wet Docks-Mr.Manning prefents
a Petition from the Merchaur of
London in favor of them, 6-
Motion for a fecond reading of
the Bill poftponed, 252-Debate
on the motion for a fecond read-
ing, 324.

Wine Duty Bill-The House in a

Committee on it, 599-Motion
for the third reading of the bil
deferred, 653.

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