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VII. Experiments and Observations concerning Fractures of the Patella.


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Communications have been received from Sir GEORGE BALLINGALL, Dr WATT, Dr WILSON, Dr KNOX, and Mr SOMERVILLE ALLISON.

The following Works have come to hand :


A Practical Essay on the History and Treatment of Beriberi. Assistant-Surgeon John Grant Malcolmson, Madras Medical Establishment. Madras, 1835. 8vo. Pp. 343.

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of Lateral Deformity of the Spine; in reference to the Modern System of Female Education. By Edward W. Duffin, M. D. &c. &c. 2d Edition. Carefully Revised and Illustrated by several Lithographs. London, 1835. 8vo. Pp. 94.

The Human Brain; its Configuration, Structure, Developement, and Physiology. Illustrated by References to the Nervous System in the Lower Animals. By Samuel Solly. 12 Plates. London, 1836. 12mo. Pp. 492.

A Practical Demonstration of the Human Skeleton. By George Elkington, M. R. C.S. Demonstrator of Anatomy in the Royal School of Medicine and Surgery, Birmingham. London, 1836. 12mo. Pp. 240.

Report on the Effects of Acrid Poisons. By Thomas Hodgkin, M. D. (Froin the Report of the British Association for 1835.) London, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 22.

Hygiene Publique ou Memoires sur les Questions les plus importantes de l'Hygiene, appliqué aux professions et aux travaux d'utilité publique. Par A. J. B. Parent Duchatelet, &c. 18 Planches. Tome I. et II. Paris, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 552 et pp. 708.

Traité des Fievres ou Irritations Cerebro-Spinales Intermittentes, d'Apres des Observations recueillies en France, en Corse, et en Afrique. Par F. C. Maillot, D. M. P. &c. Paris, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 420.

Etudes Historiques et Critiques sur la vie et la Doctrine D'Hippocrate, et sur l'Etat de la Medecine avant lui. Par M. S. Houdart, D. M. &c. Paris, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 136.

An Essay on the Origin and Nature of Tuberculous and Cancerous Diseases, read to the Medical Section of the British Association on the 28th August 1836. By Richard Carmichael, M. R. I. A. Dublin, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 56.

Catalogue Raisonnée, or Classified Arrangement of the Books in the Library of the Medical Society of Edinburgh. Instituted 1737. Edinburgh, 1837. 8vo. Pp. 342.

Education Physique des Jeunes Filles, ou Hygiene de la Femme avant le Mariage. Par A. M. Bureaud Riofrey, D. M. &c. Paris, 1835. 8vo. Pp. 352.

Facts and Cases in Obstetric Medicine, with Observations on some of the most important Diseases incidental to Females. By J. T. Ingleby, M. R. C. C. London, &c. London, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 296.

The Principles of Surgery, By James Syme, F. R. S. E. Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Edinburgh. 2d Edition. Edinburgh, 1837. 8vo. Pp. 460.

The Fallacy of the Art of Physic, as taught in the Schools, with the Developement of New and Important Principles of Practice. By Samuel Dickson, M. D. Cheltenham. Edinburgh, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 180.

Elements of the Practice of Physic, presenting a View of the present State of Special Pathology, and Therapeutics. By David Craigie, M. D. &c. Vol. I. Edinburgh, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 950.

Lectures on the Morbid Anatomy of the Serous and Mucous Membranes. In two Volumes. By Thomas Hodgkin, M. D. &c. Volume I. on the Serous Membranes; and, as appended subjects, Parasitical Animals, Malignant Adventitious Structures, and the indications afforded by Colour. London, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 402.

Experimental Researches into the Physiology of the Human Voice; a Memoir. By John Bishop, M. Roy. Coll. Surg. Lond. &c. London, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 24.

A Treatise on Tetanus, being the Essay for which the Jacksonian Prize for the Year 1834 was awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons in London. By Thomas Blizard Curling, Assist. Surgeon to the London Hospital. London, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 236.

A Practical Treatise on the Management and Diseases of Children. By Richard Evanson, M. D. Professor of Medicine, and Henry Maunsell, M. D. Professor of Midwifery in R. Coll. of Surg. Ireland. Dublin, 1836. 12mo. Pp. 527.

Observations on Derangement of the Digestive Organs, and on its Connection with Disease in other Parts. By William Law, Esq. Fellow of the Roy. Coll. of Surg. Edinburgh. 3d Edition, enlarged. Edinburgh, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 223.

Medical Report to the Managers of the Lunatic Asylum at Aberdeen, 26th May 1836. By John Macrobin, M. D. (Read at the General Meeting held in the Town Hall, 9th July 1826. Aberdeen, 1836. 8vo. Pp. 10. The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, Aug. 1836. Vol. I. No. 3. Edited by Milton Antony, M. D. and Joseph A. Eve, M. D. Augusta G. A. 1836. 8vo. U. States.

The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, No. 36, Aug. 1836. Philadelphia, London, Paris, 1836. 8vo.

The British Almanack, 1837; continued Annually. Edited by William Farr. 12mo. Pp. 215.

The Medico-Chirurgical Review, and Journal of Practical Medicine. Edited by James Johnson, M. D. &c.; and Henry James Johnson, Esquire. New Series, No. 50. Being No. 10 of a Decennial Series. October 1836 London.

The British and Foreign Medical Review; or Quarterly Journal of Practical Medicine and Surgery. Edited by John Forbes, M. D.; and John Conolly, M. D. No. IV. October 1836: London. 8vo.

The Medical Gazette, for Session 1835, 1836. No. 51. 17th September. No. 52. 24th September-and for Session 1836, 1837. No. 3. 15th October 1836; to No. 10. 3d December 1836. N. B. Number 1 and 2 not come to hand.

Revue Medico-Chirurgical Anglaise et des Sciences Accessoires, Physique, Chimie, Histoire Naturelle, &c. Publiée en Francais, Par M. Bureaud Riofrey, D. M. P. Residant a Londres. No. 3. 1 Aout 1836. Paris et Londres. No. 4 Septembre 1826: Ibid.

Compte Rendu Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences Par. M. M. Les Secretaires Perpetuels. Numero 4, ad Numero 23, second Semestre, Paris 1836, 4to. No 1, 2, 3, n'ont point arrivés.

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