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LONDON, Printed by JOHN NICHOLS,' at Cicero's Head, Red Lion Paffage, Fleet-Street; for DAVID HENRY, late of St. John's Gate. And fold by ELIZ. NEWBERY, the Corner of St. Paul's Church Yard, Ludgate-Street. 1790.

S when awake the blafts of Eurus dread,


And from their wings the fatal poifons fhed,
That blot through Nature's frame her vernal light,
Which gilds fweet Hope's delicious day-dream bright,
Or, piercing mild dejected Sorrow's breast,
Smiles all its throbbing pangs to halcyon reft;
While, fiend-like, fome the purer luftre ftain
Of Heaven's own IMAGE, often stamp'd in vain;
URBAN, to thee belongs that better part,
To nurse each finer impulfe of the heart,
To fpread the various intellectual store,
And call the Sage new truths on truths to pour;
Med'cine exhorts by larger views to prove
Her high commiffion from ALMIGHTY LOVE;
To bring down Fancy's fprite by potent spell,
Who strikes invifible her magic fhell;
Now rofy-fmiling Joy's light fpirit bounds,
As on the air foft float its filver founds;
Now, like the Minstrel of the folemn shade,
By her flow-warbled forrows vocal made,
She pours the tender dirge; now all on fire,
She feems to wake a Cherub's lofty lyre.
Aye fhall thy fplendid monumental page,
That guides the youthful, foothes declining age,
Above low Satire haunting Merit ftill,
Rife like the forms of Sculpture's Attic skill,
When the poor worm has trac'd its filthy line
Rude o'er the grace and energy divine.
Wit's meteor foon fhall fpend its empty blaze,

While through the depths of Time burn Genius' fphe

ric rays.

Warrington, Dec. 22, 1790.

L. M.

Our Correfpondents are requested to direct their LETTERS to J. NICHOLS, Printer, Red Lion Paffage, Fleet Street.

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Derl, Exeter

Hereford, Hull
Leeds 2
Liverpool 3
Manch efter 2
Newcastle 3
Norwich 2
Shemeld 2
Sherborne 2
Shrew bury




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