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Pamphlet See Mortale, Reven
For Nov. 1792-
Page 301

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FROM the refpect I bear to the critical powers of Mr. Curtis, when exerted upon his own compofitions, I fhall mark the following variations in the readings of the St. James's Chronicle from thofe of the printed paper originally written, revised, and circulated by Mr. C. himself. I hope, therefore, to efcape the flightest imputation of injustice, either to the meaning and the stile of the author, fuch as they are, or to the taste and zeal of the republifher, whoever he may be.


For, Of Mr. Curtis's having written, as it stands in the proem of the printed paper, the Chronicle reads that the Rev. Mr. Curtis, Rector of Solihul (brother to alderman Curtis) had written

At the beginning of the 4th sentence of the great work itself, that is inferted in the printed paper, and omitted in the Chronicle before the words, be then fufpected. Anonymously in the first page of the printed paper, is fpelled anonimouy in the first column of the Chronicle; but the Italics are preserved.

Letters, page 3d line ift of the printed paper is made letter in the fecond column of the Chronicle.

Cut of in the printed paper is made cut off in the Chronicle.

Author in the printed paper is uniformly fpelled authour in the Chronicle.

N. B. Upon the application of my Bookfeller, I have permitted a fecond edition of the Sequel to be published: I have corrected fuch errors of the press as I could difcover in the first, and I have introduced fome enlarged, and fome additional, notes into the Appendix. In respect to Mr. C., I have made a few obfervations upon his late narrative about the riots, and affigned my reafons for making them. But I have forborne to avail myself of thofe important illuftrations which fome recent discoveries about the charity schools at Birmingham, would have enabled me to throw upon his talent of forgetfulness.

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