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If, therefore, we tremble at the thought of the responsibility of the missionary character, we have no less reason to tremble at the thought of refusing to sustain it when duty calls, and no insuperable difficulty forbids. More than one instance is recorded in Scripture of prophets declining a post of honour and responsibility, or wishing to excuse themselves from engaging in an arduous service, but in no instance do we find that their objections were sustained. The command was repeated and enforced, with the assurance of all needful grace. These examples are recorded for our instruction, and the application in the present case is obvious. The same general principle extends to all the other departments of the service of Christ, as well as the one now specified.

I repeat, that when Providence points out to us any particular service, it is ours to undertake it with all its attendant responsibility, depending upon the all-sufficient grace of God. But if we decline the duty, thinking that thereby we escape the responsibility it brings along with it, we most egregiously err. For in that case we are guilty of disobedience, and become accessory to all the guilt and misery, which, but for our criminal neglect, might, as far as human agency is concerned, have been removed. O, it is dreadful to think of the multitudes that have already gone to perdition because no man cared for their souls. Their blood is to be traced to the doors of christian churches

to the closets and the studies of christian ministers -to the shops and families of christians in secular life! In churches and closets, and shops and families, the idol-serving nations "have been forgotten," and alas are still practically forgotten to an extent which we dare not calculate.

"Arise, O Lord, and plead thine own cause.”



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