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The unhappy difference between the Editor and the former publisher of this work, renders an appeal absolutely necessary; but as it can little interest the public to be informed of the progress of the quarrel of two individuals, the Editor refrains from saying more, than that it originated in a determination on his part, to support the independance of the Yorkshire Magazine, against an avowed nefarious design to change its principles, and to degrade a work designed for the general topics of the Counry, into a vehicle for the dissemination of sectarian and party prejudices. To prevent this insult to an indulgent public, a public which has a right to expect that the principles which obtained its patronage should be inviolably preserved, this continuation is submitted to its inspection, in the hope, that it will meet with that approbation which shall insure its success.

The Editor (AND HE IS AND HAS BEEN THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY ONE) would urge his claim as a Yorkeshireman, as a Sheffielder and an Author, to the support of his work against the surreptitious offspring of Lancashire, and conceiving that a Yorkshire Work may solely be supported by its own native abilities, both in the literary and decorative department, he pledges himself, with the support and countenance which the Northern Star has already obtained, to continue it without any adventitious aid, in the full spirit of its original arrangement, and to redeem the pledge given to the public in the Prospectus, of every thing dear to him as an Author and as a man, to exert all the abilities with which Heaven has blessed him, to produce a work universally useful and worthy of the patronage of Yorkshire.

To those who have hitherto supported the undertaking he feels himself under peculiar obligations; and he particularly solicits for a continuance of those literary favours which shall enable the Northern Star to emerge from those baleful clouds of envy and malevolence with which it is at present too much surrouuded.

Needs he to say that in particular he requests the communications of "R." "True Blue, "Writer, "Angus," the Author of the Verses to a Sister "Philo," "Erbison Stromp,", W***right, "J. Baines, and A. G. J. Such correspondents must make any work respectable. For some typographical errors (and they are far more numerous than might be wished,) he requests candour and indulgence, and promises that in future he will pay every attention to prevent their recurrence.

John Slater, Printer.

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