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FROM the favourable Reception of the FIRST EDITION of the Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire, the Editor has been induced to make considerable Additions and Corrections. In the second Edition, now preparing for the Press, will be added the Rectories, Vicarages, Curacies, Chapelries, Patrons of Livings, with their Value in the King's Book, the Names of Townships, in which Hamlets or Places are situated, a brief History of Places most remarkable for Antiquities, Biographical Notices of eminent Persons, &c. and illustrated with a new Map engraved on purpose, with a Map of the Roman Roads in Yorkshire.

Since the first Publication of this work, in 1798, the Editor's time has been much employed in acquiring the best information; but in order to render it as correct as the nature of the Subject will admit of, any INFORMATION, addressed to T. LANGDALE, Bookseller, RIPON, the Editor; or to J. LANGDALE, Bookseller, NORTHALLERTON, will be thankfully received, and gratefully acknowledged.

September 15th, 1817.

Printed by T. Langdale, Ripon.

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To those friends, who in despite of fabricated falsehoods have given their support to his work, the Editor feels himself under the greatest obligations. When he drew up and circulated the original Prospectus, his determination was, scrupously to adhere to the plan then laid before the public. From this resolution he has

never deviated, and, though he has suffered, and is still suffering, from the most wilful misrepresentation, the most malignant calumny, and the most foul unprincipled slander of his former coadjutor, who is secretly undermining his character, without daring to submit his conduct to investigation; his intention is, so long as the public approves of his Magazine, still to abide by the same principles. Whether his opponent has done so or not, is easily determined by an inspection of his last number, where not only whole PARTS of the plan are completely omitted without apology, a great part of the other matteran unacknowledged plagiary, and the engraving itself, pompously stated to be drawn by Mr. Burlin, a mere copy from Mr. Hurtley's Malham in Craven, put into bis hands for the purpose of producing an ORIGINAL DRAWING. To say more may be invidious; to say less, would not be acting fairly by his friends. To their protection he commits his publication, not without hope of being favoured with that assistance which alone can support the lustre of the NORTHERN STAR.

By MR. BIGLAND's friendly letter the Editor feels himself much honoured. "To ANTIQUARIUS," whose communication would this month have appeared, had there been time for completing the engraving, he is much obliged. To " A friend of accURACY AND TRUTH," he returns thanks for his corrections: and would he condescend to favour him with a memoir of the person to whom he alludes, the honour will be gratefully acknowledged. By MR. E. STROMP he conceives himself peculiary favoured. Fom A. T. he requests some further favours. MR. T. TIWEJRUGHT, R. A. is respectfully solicited to continue his observations. "YORKSHIREMAN" will be always acceptable. The intelligent and amiable " MALVINA" never shall have cause to fear the extinction of the "spark" by a rejection of such pieces as the Ode to Britain. MR. LANGDALE is entitled to, and has his warmest acknowledgements, and to MR. JACOB WOOD, for his vindication of a useful though calumniated class of Society, he returns thanks; he must however decline in future receiving any recriminatory pieces.

The Editor hopes in the next number to present his subscribers with a specimen of Lithography by a YORKSHIRE ARTIST.

Lee Croft, Sheffield, Oct. 1, 1817.

John Slater, Printer.

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