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promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things remain as they were-"and so they shall remain to them: for as the deluge destroyed the world of old, and the fire destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and the sword destroyed Jerusalem; so shall the sword of my anger go forth and destroy all those that look not for my coming. So now if I am a Master, where is my fear? Have I not told you, a day shall come that shall burn as an oven, and all the proud and the wicked shall be burnt up like stubble? For I will make a full end of sin; my whirlwind shall go forth with fury, a cutting whirlwind, that shall fall grievously on the heads of the wicked. In the latter days, they shall consider it perfectly. So if ye will not look unto ME, all ye to the ends of the earth and be saved, ye must all perish through unbelief. For I say unto man, as I said unto Satan as you judged ME, so shall ye find ME: as your faith is, it shall happen unto you. If ye believe I came first in the Body and made myself free and familiar with man; ye must believe I shall come more familiar in the Spirit, when I come to bring in my Kingdom unto Men, and make you joint heirs with ME; and show you my Salvation, that is to be revealed; which is to save you from death, hell, and sin, and reveal to you the Tree of Life. Salvation being revealed, must be revealed here on earth. To all that believe, I shall show my salvation unto them. And my righteousness being revealed is, that I have done just and right by men, devils, and fallen angels. This is what I told thee in 1792-"Thou shouldest declare my wondrous works to the children of men; and my faithfulness and loving kindness, thou shouldest not keep back" but what wondrous works hadst thou then to declare? or what faithfulness or loving kindness hadst thou then to keep back, when thy own life hath been a scene of sorrow and persecution

• Jeremiah, xxix.

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from a deceitful people, laden with iniquity. All the loving kindness thou couldest then declare, was in being delivered from them, and a strong faith in GoD, and of happiness hereafter, which is placed in every true christian."

Now I was ordered to open my Bible."

PSALM, CXviii. 10. "They compassed me about; but in the name of the Lord I will destroy them. SAMUEL, XIV. 5. "The fore front of one was situated northward against Michmash; and the other southward against Gibeah."

EXODUS, iv. 9. "Thou shalt take of the water of the river and pour it upon the dry land; and the water which thou takest out of the river shall become blood upon the dry land."

"Now I shall answer. Strange as these chapters may appear to thee; I shall now do as in the days of old. And as I destroyed the Philistines and Egypt, so will I now utterly destroy the Turks; and their land will I give into the hands of Israel. For their land shall become a land of blood. They are a people that Satan hath set up, and worked in their hearts to work wickedness; and every cruelty is in their hands: but now the axe is laid to the root, and every branch shall fall; for I will utterly destroy all the works of the devil. I will not leave root or branch: but unto them that seek after ME, to know my statutes, and keep my judgments, and abide in my law; unto them shall the Sun of Righteousness arise, with healing in his wings; and I will dwell in the midst of my people Israel. And as it was by faith Abraham obtained the promise; so by faith shall they now be saved, who trust in ME for salvation: for I will throw down, and build up; I will kill, and make alive; I will wound, and I will heal; I will destroy, and I will save. For I, that AM the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and Jacob, will now be the God of all the families upon the earth: and man shall know his God; and I will know my people. Am I not present amongst the children of men, and do I not see who is for ME, and

who is against ME? He that is not with ME, is against ME; he that gatherethnot with me, scattereth. Now I shall come to the purpose with all men: I that am the God of heaven, whose eye is every where present, beholding the evil and the good; unto ME all hearts are opened, and from ME no secrets are hid. Do I not see, do not I consider, do I not hear, do I not understand, who is desirous for ME and my Kingdom? and who is like the Laodiceans, neither hot nor cold, but luke-warm? and such I shall spew them out of my mouth. For now I shall come to my Bible: was it to run out the six thousand years, no flesh could be saved; for Satan would bring in idolatry in every heart, and condemn every man; then how could man be justified, and Satan condemned, was I not to chain him down before the time, TO TRY MAN, what he is, when he hath no devil to tempt him to evil? Then shall I try man, as I have tried the angels in heaven; and then the thousand years I shall be judging the world, by the conduct of mankind. When Satan is sealed up, then will he feel the effects of my anger, as the world did when they were destroyed. But as Noah was preserved in the ark, and suffered to come out and fill the earth again; so shall Satan be let loose at the end of the thousand years, and go over the earth again: then if he reforms, he may find some MERCY; but if not he shall find no pity, if he tempts Man to sin again. This shall I do, that I may be clear in judging, and just in condemning: but how could I be clear, to judge after the manner of men, to let Satan run out the full time first, and then to give him no space of repentance, as I have given to man the space of repentance? It must be a tried repentance, and a proved repentance: and thus will he be tried and proved, when he has suffered the confinement for his sins; as a man suffers for his crimes in a jail; but if he is freed, and breaks the law again, he must be hanged: and so if Satan tempts man again, he shall be cut off from the society of men for ever. Here is

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my just dealings with men and devils; and he that denieth the justice of my sentence, let him be an atheist of a barren mind, that is accursed when his Lord cometh. For such a man must judge without judgment; and he must condemn without justice: and just so have men judged thee; and just the same they judge ME. So there is no judgment in their goings; but I am GOD, and not man; and my thoughts are not like man's thoughts; nor my ways like man's ways: for as high as the heavens are from the earth, so far are my ways from man's ways, and my thoughts from man's thoughts. What must become of the world, was I to judge men as they judge thee, without searching out the truth? Every man must be lost. So let none judge, that they may not be judged; let them not condemn, that they may not be condemned. If thou, by the spirit of Satan, hated every appearance of evil, by what spirit do men drink iniquity, as the ox drinketh water, and sin with a high hand? O, ye simple and unwise, if ye cannot judge your Bibles, how can ye judge the WOMAN? If ye make ME and my prophets false, is it to be marvelled at, that ye condemned the Woman also? Know ye not, when the Sun of Righteousness arises with healing in his wings, that ye shall tread down the wicked as ashes under your feet? but how can the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in his wings, if I do not heal them from their sins, and bring them to that state of innocence and happiness they were first created for? And how can you tread down the wicked, as ashes under your feet, if the author of wickedness is not destroyed and trodden down? No, I have said, ye lay in the wicked one, which is the devil, and when he is destroyed his works will follow; then will ye tread down the wicked one as ashes under your feet: but how will ye tread down the wicked while the root remains? The weeds will spring up; and if ye tread them down, they will rise again; they cannot be as ashes until the root is burnt up.-And now I will begin like a HUSBANDMAN, and go on like a man of war.

Like a HUSBANDMAN I'll now appear;

I'll plough my Ground, and make my Fallows bare;
And then to stroiaul* it I will sure begin:

I'll burn the weeds from whence come every sin,
And then the ashes you may cast abroad.

The best of Husbandmen, you'll find is your GoD:
To cleanse my Ground I'll break up Root and Moule ;*
With a strong Plough I'll now let deep my Sull,
Till every Root of Evil I've broke up,

And made my Ground fit for the Wheat to drop;
Because the Stroiaul I'll surely burn to Dust;
And here's the Ashes I for Man have plac'd;
Under your Feet, I say, they all shall come,
And then, my Brethren, you may tread them down,
Just like the ashes that are cast abroad;
For by the Husbandman it must be know'd,
When all the Stroiaul is burned to the Dust,
The Ashes then abroad by man are cast;

And they that walk thereon may tread them down.
Now like the Husbandman I shall be found;
For like these weeds is SATAN in the Earth;
Deep are his roots, and so the seeds come forth,
That he is always sowing in the Ground;
For in the Hearts of Men his Seeds are found.
But now the Root of Evil I'll destroy,

And then the Wheat may their clean land enjoy,
To grow together, and increase their crop,
When every weed that choaks is burned up.
So like a Husbandman I'll now go deep,
Till every Root of Evil I do break;
And all the Roots of Evil now I'll burn,
And then I'll bring a glorious Crop for Man.
So like the Husbandman I've ended here,
And show'd you plain the way I shall appear,
To burn the wicked weeds that so do spring,
By burning every Root, I say, of Sin.
And now a Man of War I'll surely be,
And leave no Foe without a Victory;
My heavenly Armies I shall now prepare,
To meet the Root of Evil in the air,
And make the heavenly pillars for to shake,
And earth's foundation tremble and to quake.
Where as you see your Stroiaul for to burn,
Just so my fire you will see to come;
And as your cannons they do loudly roar,
Just so my thunder will be in the air,
When I the Warrior do begin for Men,

Who sign their Names to have my Kingdom come.

• These words are Terms in Agriculture, used in the country near Exeter, and are explained at the end of the work.

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