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And yet they want to have a praise,
Like those that fear'd and lov'd my ways;
But this I tell them cannot be;

For God and Belial can't agree:
And Saints and Sinners are the same:
Those that do love and fear my name
Are hated by the sons of men,
Whose ways from hell, and act like Cain.
But now the Cains, let them take care;
I tell them now 'tis they must fear;
Because a change they now shall see;
"Tis hell must tremble, and not ME;
'Tis there the cross shall then be found;
I soon shall shake this earthly ground,
And chain the Rebel to his doom,
And seal him as they seal'd my TOMB.
Therefore, ye shepherds now awake;


say your flocks stand all at stake;

If you so blindly lead them on,

Like sheep for slaughter soon they'll come ;
And this I told you of before-

Dumb dogs my shepherds would appear;

Blind leaders of the blind' are come,
And so the ditch is hastening on;
For Hirelings, I say, you are,

And for your sheep you do not care:
If you the fleece from them can find,
The naked sheep you do not mind.
What storms and tempests do come on,
You make my Bible but a song,
Full of invention and not true;
What I have spoke I shall not do—
Is judged by the sons of men:
You wrest the Scriptures, and contend
That all as fable doth appear;
The voice of wisdom you do hear
Charming in every different sound;
Yet still the Adder doth abound,
I plainly see, to stop your cars;
But soon I'll fill your hearts with fears;
And all my Bible I demand,

An answer from the shepherds' hands,
If they will prove 'twas ever true?

If I no other work shall do,

Than what I have already done,

My Bible up and down must come,*

In order for the reader to understand these lines, Joanna had, as it were by accident, written in her book from the opposite ends, one part she began where the bottom of the other was, and when she came to these last lines, half was written one way, and the other half the opposite way, meeting in the middle of the page; so she had to turn her book to read one half different from the other, Thus will the Lord turn His Bible to fulfil it.

Just as thy Writings do appear,

And thou thyself the words can't clear,
Unless thou turn'st a different way,

And perfect so my Bible lay."

Here I shall insert the dream of the Rev. T. P. Foley, as it is alluded to in the preceding poetry, which was on the 24th September; it was given at the very time I lay on my sick bed. The dream is as follows:-"I thought I was in my bed-room with the sash open; there came in a most beautifully-coloured Dove, and which seemed to be remarkably tame. It flew to the wash-hand bason, and drank twice with much eagerness, as if it had been very thirsty. I then thought it remained upon the table, and stretched out its neck, as if it was satisfied and delighted. Soon after, to my wonderful surprise, the bird turned into a most beautiful girl, about twelve years old, and had on a most elegant and handsome white crape dress; and I thought I saluted her, and then awoke."

I shall also insert another dream of my own, on the 6th October; having received a letter from the Rev. Stanhope Bruce the day before, wherein he writes, that the Rev. Mr. Mossop complained of the rubbish, that he said was in my writings; which ought to be parted. In the night I dreamt I was near a shelving bank; there was a large square board that stood against the bank, within something like a tray, about four yards each way; the upper part was filled with meal, that seemed to stick to the board; for although it was nearly upright, none of the meal fell, which was covered all over with dust; there was a lady who wanted some of the meal, or flour, but none of the dust. I thought I struck the board with a stick, and all the dust rolled off like a cloud by itself. I then took a broom and swept it away; next the bran came down, which I threw out for the pigs; lastly, the fine flour came down by itself. I said to the lady, this is the way I have

parted it; for you now see the fine flour come down by itself. Oh, she said, you have a very good way, for I should have never thought of doing that; it is nicely parted; the dust is blown away; the bran is given to the pigs; and I should now like to have some of the fine flour, which is left behind. Here I shall give the answer of the Spirit to this dream.

"Now this Dream to thee I'll answer,

And let Mossop to appear,

He shall find I am thy Master,

And the mysteries will make clear.
Both, thou didst see, were placed by ME

To shew the perfect sign;

And close to it the whole did stick,

But here the truth they'll find.

When I begin to shew you plain

The Flour it is here;

I'll strike my rod, it shall be known,

And all the Dust I'll clear

To fly away, you all shall see;

For so my broom shall come;

And then the Bran, that's judged by man,

The Pigs may feed thereon;

And then behind, you all shall find,

The Flour will appear;

And then my wisdom all will see,

That no man now can clear.

My Bible's true, bring to your view,
But like the dust become;

The mysteries there's no man doth know,
What faith they hang upon.

But in the Dust is all their trust,

The mysteries don't discern,

That all these things must fly away,

To make the Flour come.

Gross darkness here doth now appear,
My Prophet did foretel ;

And darkness I have told thee here,
It in men's hearts would swell.
Where I speak plain to simple men,
The truth they cannot see;
Where I speak high they give the lie;
And now the dust you'll see
le all in Men; for I'll speak plain,
They like the dust appear.


Some foolish fancies fill their heads,
My Bible none can clear.
It is too high for men I see;
They do not understand
That all the dust must fly away,
And then I'll show the Bran
That doth appear; I now shall clear,
The pigs may eat the bran;
But those that do believe thee here,
They'll find the flour to come;
And then they'll say to thee that day,
That wisely thou hast done;

They never could have thought such way.
To try what was in man;

And shew them plain, from every sign,
Their senses they were fled;
Wrong was the judgment in mankind,
And proves that they were dead
To every knowledge of their GoD,
And all Perfection here;

Dead to the footsteps they have trod,
As I have said before."

Here I shall give in plain words, as it was answered in prose and verse." The board is my bible; the flour that stuck close to it are thy writings; for though it stood almost upright, it did not fall; the dust that covered it was the unbelief of mankind; the bran that was with it is the husk for the devil to eat; for he hath been feeding man with husk, from his fall until this day; as no one hath been without his sorrows. The fine flour, that is behind, is what is in store for believers. When I come to part the whole, the unbelievers will roll down as a cloud, and pass away as a thick cloud; then cometh the husk for the devil to feed on; and then cometh the fine flour, that is left behind for those that believe. And now cometh my Gospel: those that hear these sayings of mine, and believe them, are like a wise man, who built his house upon a rock, and the winds blew and the storms beat, it fell not, for it was founded on a rock; but he that heareth these sayings of mine, and keepeth them not, is like a foolish man, who built his house on the sand, that when

the storms beat, and the winds blew, it fell, and great was the fall thereof! And so they will fall like the dust, and the wind will carry them away; for they will be swept off with the besom of destruction: then will those that believe in ME and my Gospel, and that I shall redeem them according to my promise, have nothing but fiue flour to feed on, both spiritual and temporal; for their peace shall flow as a river, and my Spirit shall descend as a mighty stream. Now I will come to the rubbish in thy writings: let men sweep off the bran when all is fulfilled; then let the fine flour remain. I spoke highly by my prophets, which stumbled the Jews; I have spoke simply by thee, and it stumbles the Gentiles; though I said with the simple I should deal simply; but none discern the truth of my Bible: for the wisdom of God is foolishness with man; so they prove the truth; but the wisdom of man is foolishness with ME; for they stumble in visions, and err in judgment; and there is no judgment in their goings. For I said, like the days of Noah and Lot, so will the coming of the Son of MAN be. I said, at my second coming I should scarce find faith on the earth; and they no more believe I shall fulfil my Bible, than they believe thy writings: for if they believe my sayings, they must believe thy sayings; but if they believe not thy sayings, they cannot believe mine. And now let my sayings appear; did I not tell you, the time shall come when your redemption shall draw near? Did I not tell you, all shall grow together until the harvest? then I will gather my wheat into the garners, and burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. Did I not tell you, if the days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved: but for the elect sake they shall be shortened? Now if you believe ME and my gospel, explain my meaning, why I compared the kingdom of heaven to every thing here on earth Did I not tell you, I came not to destroy the law of God, or the prophets, but to fufil them; for this

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