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1 to 6 years old



of Play-Savagery. II. MENTAL CHARACTERISTICS: Depend-
ence on Others-Frankness-Faith and Trust-Personification-
Self-unconsciousness Imitativeness Curiosity-Imagination
Active Concreteness-Conscience Undeveloped-Memory Weak
-Sex-unconsciousness. HINTS ΤΟ PARENTS AND TEACHERS:
Avold Affectation-Develop Perception-Watch Child's Com-

Chapter VIII.-The Stages of Development-II. Later Child-

hood, 6 to 12 years old



Activity-Irresistible Impulsiveness-Daring-Truant Procliv-
pendence Crude Sense of Humor-Creature of the Present-
Natural Imitator-Group Age-Memory Age-Desire for Affec-
tion-Collecting Instinct-Rise of Conscience-Sex Repellance-
Need of Positive Teaching.

Chapter IX.-The Stages of Development-III. Early and Mid-

dle Adolescence, 12 to 18; 16 to 19 years old

I. BODILY CHANGES PREDOMINATE: Sex-attraction-Novel in
Age of Romance. II. MENTAL CHANGES: Self-consciousness-
Age of Ideals-Developing of Reason-Storm and Stress-Con-
version Period-Curve of Conversion-Gang Age-Strengthening
of Conscience-The Aufklärung-Development of Will-Ritual
and Adolescence-Ethical Dualism-Revival of Private Prayer.

Chapter X.-The Stages of Development-Later Adolescence,

18 to 25 years of age; Manhood, 25 years onward

Chief Characteristics of Adolescence-Relation Between Mind
and Body-Effect of Body on Mind and Spirit-Effect of Mind
and Spirit on Body-Types of Children-Sex Differences-
Temperament-Reaction Time-Temperament and Christianity
-Table of Temperament-A Suggestion to Teachers.

Rules-Placing Scholars-Negative Variations of Attention-

Fatigue-Signs of Fatigue.

Chapter XVI.-The Proper and Improper Uses of Interest

How to Secure Interest-Two Kinds of Interest-Practical Pre-

cepts-Killing Interest-False Views of Interest-Some Help-

ful Suggestions.

Chapter XVII.-The Art of Questioning

Uses of Questions-What is Effect of a Question-Method of

Sunday School Questioning-Kinds of Questions-Curiosity

Kindled by Questions-How to Learn to Question-Character

of Questions-Adolescent and Adult Classes.

Chapter XVIII.-How to Use Stories and Illustrations

Stories and Parables-Purpose of Using Stories-To What

does Illustration Appeal?-Dangers in Illustration-Character-

istics of a Good Illustration-Points to be Remembered in

Story-Telling-Brief Rules-How to Learn How-Other Illus-

trative Methods-Graded Stereoscopic Work.

Chapter XIX.-Manual Work in the Sunday School

Manual Work-Map-Making in Relief-In Flat-Modelic Work.

Chapter XX.-Memory and Its Training

Memory-Training-What Kinds of Memory Wanted-Types of

Memory-Chief Educational Laws of Memory-How to Mem-

orize-Reasoning-Forgetting-Memoriter Work-Reasons for

Written Answer Work-Question-and-Answer Work-The Cate-

chism-Should Anything be Learned that is not Understood?

Chapter XXI.-The Inculcation and Training of Habits

Habit-Forming-Habit End of School Work-Sub-conscious

Field of Habit-Specialization in Habit Formation-Rules for

Habit Formation-Other Suggestions-Elements of Moral Train-

ing Cultivation of Doing-Some Important Habits.

Chapter XXII.-The Will in Sunday School Teaching

Moral Training is Will Training-Training Will-Self-denial-

Desire and Will-Choice and Decision-Strengthening Will by

Pledges Training the Judgment-Prejudice Effect of Music

on Will-Conscience-Inter-relation of Intellect, Feeling, and


Chapter XXIII.-Proper Recitation Balance

Right Method of Conducting Recitation-Review Steps-How

to Secure Balance.

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Officers Superintendents-Secretaries-Use of Rewards, In-
centives, and Punishments-Inadequacy of Sunday School-
Week-day Instruction.

Chapter XXVIII.-The History of Religious Education (Con.) 438
Origin of Third Revival-Two Chief Types of Education Seen-
Other Orders in Church-Early Scientific Tendency-"Nature"
Tendency-Psychological Tendency-Sociological Tendency-

Modern Educational Systems-Industrial Tendency.

Chapter XXIX.-The History of the Sunday School Movement 469
Early Origin-Beginning of Sunday School Movement in Amer-
ica-Just after Revolution-Civil War Period-Rise of Amer-
Ican Church Sunday School Institute International Lessons-
Modern Commission Movement-Fundamental Principles of
Forward Movement.

Cahpter XXX.-The History of Lesson Systems

History of Lesson Systems Uniformity of System-Possibilities
and Limitations of Heuristic Method.


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