Victorian Perspectives: Six Essays

John Clubbe, Jerome Meckier
University of Delaware Press, 1989 - 156 sider
Contributing greatly to the ongoing revaluation of the Victorians, these six essays capture fresh perspectives in presenting among the subjects a fuller grounding for Browning's poetry, a clearer awareness of the role of comedy in Arnold's prose, and a look at Trollope as a crucial addition to his era's exhaustive studies of symbolic parent-child relationships.

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Hieroglyphical Truth in Sartor Resartus Carlyle and the Language of Parable
Elegant Jeremiahs The Genre of the Victorian Sage
Prodigals and Prodigies Trollopes Notes as a Son and Father
Ruskin Arnold and Brownings Grammarian Crowded with Culture
The Comedy of Culture and Anarchy
The View from John Street Richard Whiteings Social Realism

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Side 4 - What are your historical Facts ; still more your biographical ? Wilt thou know a Man, above all a Mankind, by stringing-together beadrolls of what thou namest Facts ? The Man is the spirit he worked in ; not what he did, but what he became.

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