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" IF thou would'st view fair Melrose aright, Go visit it by the pale moon-light ; For the gay beams of lightsome day Gild, but to flout, the ruins gray. "
The lay of the last minstrel, a poem - Side 43
af sir Walter Scott (bart.) - 1806
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

Scottish and Irish Romanticism

Murray Pittock - 2008 - 306 sider
...dead are more powerful than the living. The scene is set in Scottian terms, and Connal even quotes 'If thou wouldst view fair Melrose aright, go visit it by the pale moonlight'. He, Armida, and Wandesford, her English fiance, all visit the island and are nearly drowned on their...
Begrænset visning - Om denne bog

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