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" ... men. They felt that, owing to my care, they made more progress in this respect than other children ; they perfectly understood that all they did was but a preparation for their future activity, and they looked forward to happiness as the certain result... "
Pestalozzi: His Life and Work - Side 159
af Roger de baron Guimps - 1890 - 438 sider
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Pestalozzi: His Life and Work

Roger de baron Guimps - 1904 - 488 sider
...the certain result of their porsovoranoo. Tlmt. is lyhy steady application soon became easy to thom, its object being in perfect accordance with their...answered, ' Oh, yes, yes!' ' But, my children,' I said, 'think well of what you are asking! Even now we have scarcely money enough, and it is not at...
Fuld visning - Om denne bog

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