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" ... Isocrates daily without missing every forenoon, and likewise some part of Tully every afternoon, for the space of a year or two, hath attained to such a perfect understanding in both the tongues and to such a ready utterance of the Latin, and that... "
Essays on Educational Reformers - Side 88
af Robert Hebert Quick - 1890 - 568 sider
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The Schoolmaster in Literature

Various, Authors Various Authors - 2003 - 616 sider
...utterance by reading and following only two books, the "Phicdo" and Demosthenes' " De Falm Legatwnc," he goes on . " And a better and nearer example herein...evidence that Elizabeth was an accomplished scholar. Before I leave Ascham I must make one more quotation, to which I shall more than once have occasion...
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The Quarterly Review, Bind 54

1835 - 626 sider
...and to such a ready utterance in the Latin, and that with such a judgment, as they be few in number in both universities, or elsewhere in England, that be in both tongues comparable to her Majesty." We may well allow a teacher to be a little rapturous about the proficiency of a lady,...
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